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Never Give Up! Congrats Felix!

I was glued to the TV earlier today watching Felix Baumgartner’s extraordinary daring mission to sky dive or more like space dive from 120,000 FEET (36.5 KM) above earth from his floating capsule. It was nerve racking watching this amazing feat unfold from his ascent up to the heavens, the capsule door opening up in nearly zero oxygen surroundings and then leaping down to earth! This is how superman would have looked like if he was real! In under 10 minutes Felix was back to earth safe and sound (whew) but at one point he broke the speed of sound traveling at over 700 MPH! This man broke the record for the highest ever sky dive and also to break the sound barrier speed on his descent! It is amazing that while we are all cozy glued to our TV sets he just added a new benchmark in what mankind can do if they have the passion, dream and willpower to do so. Never give up on your hopes and dreams, it will always come along if the desire is there! WE SALUTE YOU FELIX BAUMGARTNER.

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